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Your garage door helps to set the tone for the design of your home. Not only does it add to the value and appeal of your home, but it also can be an indicator of your personal style and personality. Today’s garage doors are available in a large variety of styles, sizes and colors, making it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Savings & Comfort

With the rising costs of home heating, we’re all looking for ways to save money. You’ll love the savings that come from installing an energy efficient overhead garage door. We offer doors from R-5 to R-18 insulating value. If you currently have an older door, you could experience significant savings and more consistent temperatures inside your home.


The garage door is the most used entryway to your home. It’s essential to select a garage door opener that provides both security and reliability. At DiLuzio Overhead Doors, Inc., we offer top of the line products that are well known for their quality, craftsmanship and dependability. And, we stand behind our products – offering an extended warranty that goes beyond the manufacturer standard time frame.

In recent years, manufacturers have added many enhanced security measures to garage door openers. Ever leave home and not know if you actually shut the overhead door? Most of our products allow you to check and open or close your garage door from your cell phone. Some of our products are even compatible with Amazon- allowing an option for your delivery person to safely deliver your packages and place them inside – reducing theft and damage from packages left outside.


The newest products offer unmatched convenience. You can choose to use an app on your phone in addition to or instead of the standard remote opener. For families with many members coming and going, this is a great option. No more worries about lost openers or forgotten codes. Tired of the noise and vibration of your chain opener? Our belt driven openers are much quieter than traditional chain driven openers. They run longer before needing service or repair and require less maintenance down the road providing a better dollar for dollar investment.

Diluzio Garage Door Photo
Diluzio Garage Door Photo
Diluzio Garage Door Photo

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